A critical aspect of being inclusive in a community is to ensure a safe environment for all members of a community. Runner's High sees this as a priority and hence, "Prevention of Sexual Harassment" is not just about legal compliance, but a commitment we make for the well-being of the running community. It also plays a major role in bringing more runners from different backgrounds without any fear of discrimination or harassment. At Runner's High, we are committed to providing a safe environment, free from any form of sexual harassment.

It is necessary for each one of us to feel safe and protected as members of Runner's High. It is our duty to ensure such an environment is provided for all runners, physios, and coaches. Towards this, Runners High put in place the policy on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) in 2016. The policy has been created according to the guidelines stipulated in the Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013. As per the policy, we have a POSH committee that's trained in dealing with complaints. The committee also undertakes periodic reviews of the policy and conducts awareness sessions for every member - runners, coaches, and physios.

Any form of sexual harassment (perceived or otherwise) should be raised to It is the responsibility of the POSH committee to take the matter further. It is our request that such matters are not discussed amongst other runners, physios, or coaches. Rest assured every complaint will be heard and acted upon with due diligence.